It is impossible to compare the music of Kenny Jaworski to that of any

other artist, much less any other genre.  From St. Louis, Missouri, he hesitatingly describes his style as contemporary classical...but even that definition would have to be applied somewhat liberally.


While the word "classical" commonly evokes thoughts of years of
rigorous training, Jaworski's talent is prodigious.  He has had no
classical piano training, save a few informal lessons during his early


It is as difficult to pinpoint his influences as it is to categorize
his sound, but having a talented pedigree adds to his credentials. 
Kenny has two brothers, who have, conversely, been classically trained
on the piano and percussion.  Moreover, his father taught himself how
to folk play guitar in college.  However, while Kenny may be
genetically gifted, his style is an entirely different story.  "My
style developed through taking the time to allow it to develop in the
way that best suited really was a question of being patient
enough to let it happen," he says.


The information age has given virtually unlimited access to music of
all genres, and therefore leaves little room for surprises.
Therefore, when a sound comes along that is truly unique, audiences
have no choice but to embrace it.  When talented hands add a healthy
amount of melodiousness, something special is created, something
timeless.  Bombastic.  Avant garde.  Cutting edge.  Provocative.
Truly, Kenny's music defies definition; however John Coltrane's sheets
of sound approach is an apt beginning.  Like Coltrane, Jaworski's
music is intelligent and evocative – great heard and better seen and
heard LIVE.


Jaworski's debut album, entitled "A Piano Saga", was a one-take
recording live in concert that epitomizes the culmination of his
development.  'Saga' earned him an Independent Music Award, with a judging panel that boasted the liked of Peter Gabriel, Bill Frisell, Ozzy Osbourne, and McCoy Tyner.


"The only safe artist is a safe artist, but safe artists do not
contribute anything that advances art, or life," he says. It's only a
matter of time before Kenny Jaworski's music changes the musical
landscape forever.
-Maurice Brown







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A Piano Saga

by Kenny Jaworski